Where are the Nivsta Boards?

So I get one Yellow Nivsta Board made out of 3mm steel and carry it from Brixton tube station to Loughborough Primary School, heavy. Donated. England.
I donate two boards to St John’s Angell Town Primary in England and get a reference. http://www.nivstaboards.com/recommendation2.htm 
I promote a board to The Mount Primary School and sell one for each class and later some for there kindy. I spray paint the rules layout on the playground floor. I get another reference.
I get an email 15 years later that they want more Boards. England.
I sell two Boards to Blockhouse Bay Intermediate. NZ.
I donate one Board to Everglade Primary. NZ.
Torbay Primary buy a Board. NZ.
Also donate a Board to Murray’s Bay Primary. NZ.
Donate two Boards to Campbell’s Bay Primary and get a reference. NZ. http://www.nivstaboards.com/marks-reference.pdf

My mate buy’s a Board for his kids. 
I did a promotion at Northcote library the kids did the skills,tricks,line rules and competitions where they won Plant Barn prizes. NZ. I donate a Board to a school in the Bronx, New York. I think my Board is ready, I just need to get a PLASTIC prototype made, (not steel) then start selling Board’s all over the world.