Van Franchise, setup costs

Van’s always white.

Prices vary.

Van stickers of Mr Mini Nivsta Mascot.

Both sides of the Van.

$1,300 for the boot, $100.

Mr Mini Nivsta Mascot $3,600 each. Made at Promo Bears.

Take home Mr Mini Nivsta stickers $370 for 1,000.

A pen, $100 for 30.

Word search, $15 a programme.

Colouring in’s $15 per programme.

Mr Mini Nivsta Figurine, $2 each.

TV $1,000

Scratchies $800 for 500

Nivsta Boards $70 each, fifteen of them for the Van plus one free for the Scratchie winner, watch this space. Also one un painted Board for the paint the Board activity.

Tennis balls 100 with NIV IT NOW on them, $630.

Coming soon at the end of the Programme dip the ball in paint, throw it at the Board. Each child has a turn. The Board is wooden, it gets a tennis ball paint job by the children.

Part of the cost for the Van Franchise is this unique idea, all fun and the wooden Nivsta Board is free inclusive of the Programme cost.

Paint costs vary.

Chalk price varies.

Take gifts home draw cord bags, $15 each.

$50,000 approximately to set up one Van Franchise.

There are a total of 1,175 Primary and Intermediate schools in New Zealand.

$1,762,500 would be made if your Franchise went to every NZ Primary and Intermediate Schools once, at $1,500 per Van School Franchise programme. Remember before school, lunchtime, Physical Education time and after school time.

It is likely that I will sell only one Van Franchise to someone in the North Island and one Van Franchise to someone in the South Island.

Costs will be negotiated between us.