The Nivsta Board will probably be manufactured in New York.

Dear Donald Trump, the United Kingdom turned down my Nivsta Boards Patent in 1999. Yes they gave me no Patent.

Because the Nivsta Boards apparently have no statement of novelty.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your enquiry with the Intellectual Property Office Information service. A Patent would need to be both new and novel worldwide in order for it to be Patentable. Therefore if you had already applied for a Patent in 1999, this would prevent the idea from being Patented in another Country. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Client Service Advisor – Intellectual Property Office.

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

International: +64 3 962 2607

I don’t need a Patent.

Nivsta Boards 30 Options

We will build a Factory.

Next to it a building to park Nivsta Vans.

Nivsta Employees will do Van Day School Programme’s at Elementary School’s before school time, Lunchtime school time, Physical Education school time and After school time.

The game to be made out of plastic from the ocean, turned into recycled plastic. Made from a mould, the plastic will be melted and then moulded into a Nivsta Board with Nivsta Board designs and specifications.


For those Angels.

Bill 2018 below.