Nivsta Board fun at SchoolThe NIVSTABOARD™ can also be used with the curriculum.


The children can draw a graph in their maths books and each time they earn the chance to use the board they fill in the graph accordingly. e.g. Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri. During the children’s time with the board they are encouraged to use addition and subtraction in a fun way, two of the most important mathematical skills of today.


The game can be played to improve hand eye co-ordination, over arm and under throwing and catching of a ball. The children are also getting exercise without realising it.


A) To start the game one player throws the ball from the furthermost line and tries to catch it. The other player has a turn from their side of the board, whoever drops the ball first is the loser so the other player starts the game. The game itself. The alphabet is painted to the playground floor. (both sides of the Nivsta board).

Either side of the board so two alphabets. When you are ready player one chooses a word that both players know and can spell. Lets say today. Player one then throws from t and tries to catch the ball if he or she does then he or she moves onto o then d then a then y, this makes today and they are the winner. Obviously the fun part of the game is when the player misses the board with his or her throw or drops the catch, the opponent then has a turn and so on. Note both players must use the same word this keeps it fair. The most important rule being that if you throw the ball at the board and it hits the top and flies to the other player and they catch it on the full, the thrower must start their word again.

B) First to make the word Monday, one tennis ball each, if you miss collect your own ball. The children learn to play and feel under pressure and to play the game which develops and needs honesty.

For more skilled players test yourself with one handed rebound catches.