I will do MY BEST to let the children of the future enjoy my Board and co-operate and communicate and have FUN.

My PIOB/PIOW will help us all join in a fun way and live for the moment of when you pass the PIOB/PIOW on to another human. Then stay connected.

My Num-Bars game will help infants learn 1-12, one day a reflection back and a realization of the Fellowships out there as an adult.

The Countries FlagZ game will help infants familiarize themselves with Countries Flags at an early age. Also some infants will be asked to pronounce the name of the Countries flag, that is written on the flag, on the mat, that they are sitting on.

There’s nothing wrong with my Head!

Retired Indoor Pool Lifeguard, Swimming Instructor, Aqua-robics Instructor, Nursing Auxiliary and Primary-Intermediate School Teacher. 1995-2002 ( time frame ).