nz Football.

I come back from Europe having trialled with Vfb Stuttgart and a connection to the Brady’s, in England.

2002, I trialled with Central and scored in both pre-season games from right fullback. I won the pre-season forest run. No interest in signing me. I trialled with East Coast Bays next pre-season scored with five minutes of coming on with a header, in front of a former Werder Bremen Scout. No interest in signing me.

Waitamata District Health Board.

I went for a 13km run with good sobriety up. I ended up not connected with the World. My Uncle a former Detective Senior Sergeant writes out an 8A form to initiate with Mental Health. Mark is delusional about some perceived Business idea and has lost his focus and attitude. I go Voluntarily to the Mental Health Unit. My Uncle knew nothing about the success of my Nivsta Boards in London and hadn’t seen me in over five years. Going to the Mental Health Unit was the biggest mistake of my life.

The Professor a Kiwi, a power tripper says Mark you’re just a dry drunk, if you are an Alcoholic alot of my Kiwi friends are too. Within ten days, Mark you’re Schizophrenic.

18 years later 10 changed diagnoses. 10 different Psychiatrist’s. Dr Fraser 2018 a Kiwi, Mark I’ve read your notes thoroughly your just bi-polar. He leaves, what a surprise, another Psychiatrist Mark I’ve read your notes you’re schizo-effective of the Bi-polar type. Rubbish. I’m not even Bi-polar. Off the back of 5 years in London, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Cyprus, Scotland, Wales and France. Teaching as a reliever day to day, as Mr D, Monday to Thursday running to the gym, doing weights, then swimming and busing home in London, Friday night’s indoor 5 a side, for a short period indoor Saturday morning’s. 11 a side Saturday afternoon’s and Sunday 11 a side in Kent, Football.

1997-2002 in Europe.

Mental Health say, even if you run 100 meters.

Then the Mental Health Unit. My what looks like Bi-polar is the meds suppressing me, then a natural high from my discipline in Europe for 5 years. With schizo-effective it’s just resentments that pop into my head and the committee in the head from alcohol addiction. Nothing like schizo-effective. Mental Health think they know me, most of them are in the job for the wrong reasons and just power trip. They don’t even get to know you because it’s all about meds in their eyes. Back to the dry drunk period, then a sad wrong judgement of me been schizophrenic, she had put me on oral meds and addictive sleeping tablets. Because I was so fit I walked up and down the hallway all day and my voice was angry and been locked up. So to the present moment I’ve been in Prison in my mind for 18 years. Apparently I was not ok to drive a car for what’s been a year. Now they say I’ve probably forgotten the road code so they want me to go for an Occupational therapist driving test, only $850, what a joke.

Education NZ.

I don’t know why I wasted 18 years of a good attitude and vision with the Nivsta Boards. Youthtown said yes then no, sKids said good game, but no and a big Church said no twice for there Church School.

Community Auckland.

I walk into a pub, this Kiwi guy comes up to me straight away and says, it’s ok if you’re Schizophrenic, you’ve got writings on your car. Yes I thought to myself, Business Slogan, NIV IT NOW, loser. Rumors, pretentious people feeding on the wrong information and putting a Leader down.


He denies it when he messed with you when you were 14 years old, he’s a nice guy and has a prominent position in the Community. Thanks for that, sexual abusers are nice guys and so what if they have a prominent position in the Community! I was at ED, the Cop says to the Nurse, he’s a Mental patient. I’ll correct him, I’m a human being and at the worst he should or with Professional Training have said his names Mark and he’s a Mental Health individual.


The Manager for the day, every New Zealander has a Mental Health problem. Oh ok.


I get quotes for the board to be made, stickers, tennis balls paint. Approximately $400. I said the plan is to get 4 Nivsta Boards made, then promote them during lunchtimes at Primary schools. To get it seen and promoted. No we’re not supporting you. They help with car and dental repairs but no to a visionary. Oh and the WINZ have me as an apparent Invalid. Great judgement nz, yes I’m a loser. NZ look in the mirror, lost green Country. So many narrow minded individuals.


Still trying to get Sponsorship.


Harvard donates thousands to a Prime Minister. Please get me off the Invalids Benefit JA. Also pay off my WINZ debt and ASB overdraft. Help me I’m very, very frustrated with my situation dear. Hugs.

From Mr D.

Nivsta Boards


Since 1998, Europe.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Dalzell

I’m trying to get Sponsorship from Smiggle. If I don’t get a reply and or if they won’t Sponsor Nivsta Boards, I won’t try in nz again, as I’ve tried many possible Sponsors over the years.

I’ve emailed five nz Primary schools on the North Shore of Auckland, if all five don’t reply and or don’t invite me to teach there Physical Education Teacher and Sports Assistant on how to play the game Rules etc, I won’t pursue my game in nz again. The idea is to teach the Teachers, then they teach the year sixes and the year sixes teach the younger children.

I’ve emailed the Teachers Council, NZ Principal’s Federation and National Education Govt NZ. If I don’t get a positive response I will be focussing my Business towards Australian Primary schools in 2021.