Nivsta Boards, 39 Options and Patent Papers.



P.I=Primary, Intermediate

H.S=High School


1) Number games, 1v1 players, refer to rules page. P.I

2) Alphabet/word games 1v1 players, refer to rules page. P.I

3) Line/basic games 1v1 players, refer to rules page. P.I

4) Colour games 1v1 players, refer to rules page. K,P.I

5) All of the above but 2v2 players. P.I

Nivsta Boards Rules, playground Rules Layout & YouTube videos.

6) Nivsta Skills. P.I,H.S, A

7) Nivsta Tricks. P.I, A

8) Nivsta Competitions refer to Franchise page for these. P.I

9) In the classroom on the mat play the Line/Basic rules with masking tape on the mat for the lines. P.I

10) Playing the game by yourself against a wall, with the board right up against the wall. K,P.I

11) COMING SOON. Send a photo of you playing a game of the Nivsta Board for the gallery at the Nivsta Board, soon to be Competition page. Remember to fill in the form and mention your best throws and and catches one metre away from the board in thirty seconds. Send it through and I will upload your photo to the gallery. K,P.I,A

12) You can use your Nivsta Board at your After School Club too. P.I

12a) The Board can also be played without chalk on the desert, clay, dirt, sand, grass, in the classroom, hall or gym,hallway in the house or garage. Using Nivsta Board Tricks, Nivsta Board Skills, NIV IT Activity, NIV IT best of 5,  Competitions refer to Franchise for these at Also using the line rules but just take steps backwards as many as you please for a good game, then step towards the Board to win the game. Refer to Rules page if you need to for Line Rules. Also Nivsta copy that activity. NIV IT brain coordination activity, play on your own. K,P.I

13) Watch Nivsta Boards on youtube at Nivsta Boards YouTube page, to see how to play the game. K,P.I, H.S and Adults.

14) Click on the rules at the website and click on Layout to see what the rules look like, this will show you how to chalk the rules to the concrete. P.I, H.S,A

15) Remember that the Nivsta Board can also be used as a warm-up activity for many sports including cricket,handball,water-polo and Aussie rules. K,P.I,H.S,A

16) The Nivsta Board involves throwing and catching skills, hand eye co-ordination, imagination, decision making, honesty, alphabet/word work, number work, colour work, co-operation, memory and fun. K, P.I

17) At go to School Programme, this is for you teachers! P.I, A

18) Nivsta copy that activity, refer to for more information. P.I, H.S,A

19) NIV IT Activity P.I

20) NIV IT best of 5 P.I

21) New. Niv It brain coordination activity. Play on your own. P.I

22) New, Niv It play it, one chance (tough game). P.I

23) New Nivsta right hand, left hand activity, play on your own. P.I

24) New one hand throw and catch activity. Basic activity. Play on your own. P.I

25) New Nivsta switch balls activity. P.I

26) New Nivsta Hop activity. K, P.I

27) New Nivsta Star jump activity. K, P.I

28) Top/Tip Hit Activity. K, P.I

29) Bounce catch, rebound catch Activity. P.I

30) New-coloured ball bucket Activity. P.I

31) New-painting colour time. P.I

32) New Trick P.I, H.S, A

33) In-between activity P.I, H.S, A

34) 360 degree Activity P.I, H.S, A

35) Angles Activities. P.I, H.S, A

36) Twister Activity. P.I, H.S, A @YouTube 

37) Two balls Activity. P.I, H.S, A @YouTube 

38) Nivsta Boards 1,2,3,4 Steps Activity. P.I @YouTube 

39) Five Kindergarten Activities. K. @YouTube 

Note Remember to chalk your rules. You may wish to use a stopwatch, watch or mobile to time yourself how many throws and catches you can make in thirty seconds, one metre away from the Nivsta Board.

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