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New. Alphabet word Rules. Game. & Number Rules. Game

New Line basic Rules.

School Programme.

Note it is also a Franchise.

Tap image to get part of the Story.

When I have found my Country to Manufacture the Nivsta Board as my primary service you can buy a Franchise and buy Nivsta Boards from this Country and also Sub-Franchise out to States for example, who then with the Sub-Franchise buy Nivsta Boards from the Manufacturing Company, Factory that my Business is Contracted to. With the Sub-Franchises in the Contract I will be getting a percentage of the money to whom you sell the Sub-Franchise to.


Gold Mr Mini Nivsta Figurine


Hey kids, what are your thoughts on after goal celebrations. Also jumping on the back of a goal scorer, surely takes quite a bit of energy from a Pro’s legs.

New HANDBALL page.

New, Num-Bars game 1-12 Business.

New, Countries-flagZ-game, Business.

BREAKING NEWS, the Nivsta Boards are going to made out of TIMBER, spray painted and each Nivsta Board will have NIVSTA BOARD, NIV IT NOW and writings on them.

Do you want to Sponsor Nivsta Boards? Please contact me, Mark Dalzell.


There are six ways that I can promote your Business, please go to the Sponsorship page.



COMING SOON, Nivsta clothing.

Children do you want Radio music playing during Van Franchise play time?

Email me @

I am looking for retired Builders to help start my Business ?

New, Nivsta Boards YouTube footage at this site at the YouTube link.

One Van Franchise in the North Island and one Van Franchise in the South Island. Please refer to Van Franchise set up costs page for more information.

Bronx Little School has a Nivsta Board. USA.

Coming one day, spray painted Nivsta Board with this new style of labeling. Black in colour. Spray painted on with a template. Also the Nivsta Boards Logo at each end of the Board.



Coming now…

A Churches feedback after the kids have played the game.

I designed the Mascot.