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When I have found my Country to Manufacture the Nivsta Board as my primary service you can buy a Franchise and buy Nivsta Boards from this Country and also Sub-Franchise out to States for example, who then with the Sub-Franchise buy Nivsta Boards from the Manufacturing Company, Factory that my Business is Contracted to. With the Sub-Franchises in the Contract I will be getting a percentage of the money to whom you sell the Sub-Franchise to.


Gold Mr Mini Nivsta Figurine


Hey kids, what are your thoughts on after goal celebrations. Also jumping on the back of a goal scorer, surely takes quite a bit of energy from a Pro’s legs.

New HANDBALL page.

At the PIOB page.

NEW Special Features.

The second hand rotates around your wrist, a different colour each time, NOTE this promotes the NEW PIOB. Also lights up half hour, half and hour, full on the hour. This Both stimulates in Pubs and dark times. Good for jogging, walking with in the dark. New, the PIOB talks to you after each Kilometer from your steps, run etc. eg One Kilometer.

New, Num-Bars game Business, for sale.

New, Countries-flagZ-game, Business for sale.

The first plastic Nivsta Board Prototype made in Australia. All previous Nivsta Boards were made out of steel.