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My Story.














I’m not a JP, Justice of Peace. I HAVEN’T had peace of mind for over 16 years whilst on medication against my will. In NZ.

Sexually abused by three males. Me aged 8ish, 14 and 16-17ish.

In London I was a Nursing Auxillary. I was on call. I get a phone call, we have a special job for you.
I get there, the so called father of the Patient greets me at the door. I go in to the house with father, two other people were in the house, it looked like two females, they had surgical masks on. I meet the patient, he had no arms or legs. They said this is where you will Lye. Same sleepng position as my sexual abuse aged 14.
Thinking back it was not even a bed, just a narrow couch, also no proper pillow to sleep with just a sofa cushion. No duvet, blankets etc.
So my Job 3-4 times I got woken up to hold his body while they cleaned him.
About 7-8 AM, you can leave now, haha to a gutter truck sucker at the front path.

I got a text, someone in London AA.
Mark I thought I saw you on the streets of London with no teeth.

I come back to Auckland with good sobriety over a year or so.
To make three amends through AA and Step 9.

I was extremely fit having constantly played football for five years.
At one stage indoor 5 a side Friday night, 5 a side indoor Saturday mornings, 11 a side on out door field Saturdays and 11 a side Sundays.


Everything was going good having arrived back in Auckland, I trialed with one club, scored from right fullback in both games from the defence making my way up the field. I won the Pre-season forest run.
I tried another club and scored a Header.
Neither club signed me.

I trialed with Mount Wellington v Onehunga Sports, by this time Mental Health had put me on meds and I played like a girl.

13km run best of my life.

Two days later the North Shore Crisis team were there.
8A Form later, Mark is delusional about some perceived Business idea, Uncle he knew zero nothing about it. Sales in London were good before I left, I felt obliged to make my three amends.

BIGGEST mistake of my life going to the Mental Health Unit, but note Voluntary.

Kiwi Professor says you are just a dry drunk, if you are an Alcoholic, Quote him, alot of my Kiwi friends are too. Oh ok.

Within a few days of walking up and down the corridor as been a very very fit Man,cause I was rather fit, they saw it as becoming unwell and put me on Anti-psychotics, lithium and Zopiclone for sleep.
Running would of helped me sleep.

At Corrections she said the Supervisor every New Zealander has a Mental health problem.

The Nurse at North Shore Hospital says, Mark I take two Zopiclone sleeping tablets before I start my shift.

The Cop Osborne interviewed my sexual abuser, me aged 14, She said over the phone he is a nice guy and has a prominent position in the community. He pleaded not guilty.

The Dr T.Rose rams the colonoscopy devise up me 3-4 times. The British Receptionist lady says he would not do that. My second ever colonoscopy recent, the British Dr says he would not do that.

The Kiwi Smoke Free lady hinted, to kill yourself put patches all over ya body. Referring to a past Client.

While I was in the old Mental Health Unit, this GAY as employee puts me in ICU cause I was talking to an Asian guy, he was gay as and obviously fanced me.

Within two weeks ya Schizophrenic.

Since 2003 to 2019 TEN changed diagnoses.

Load of rubbish.

The male Pom on Lifeline laughed at my Sobriety. Recently this Kiwi male was so in to himself, he said even if your three Businesses don’t take off.

In the Big Book Of AA it talks about the Jekel and Hyde, the committee in the head and stinking thinking.

That’s my self diagnosis, as I agree with AA and that’s why we do the steps, sharing ones Resentments etc, that keep popping into our heads.( committee in the head ).
Non of this Mental Health rubbish.

Moving forward, this man on the Crisis phone, I say to him I don’t if I will be around to be a success with Nivsta Boards.
He says we want you around to be a success Mark. Next time I talk to him he denies saying that, in my face. Funny service and being accountable to his original, Mark we want to around and being a success. Just one of WDHB two faced Employees.


Asian sells the house I have to move out.
Next Asian flat have to move out, they demolish the house, to re-build.
Current flat owned by an Asian, inspections etc, two spare lawns for development flat house, front section and back section.
I said I will do the weed eating for you on the lawn, he says buy your own weed eater, you are not using mine. What a JOKE.

Oh before I forget I can’t play football because simply my meds don’t allow it. Mental Health say even if you just run 100 metres, HaHa.

There are many Kiwi’s that have let me down, on their conscience.

I haven’t done recreational drugs for 17 years.

Also to repeat NIVSTA BOARDS was very successful in London.