My football CV









I Got my Bronze badge, Silver badge and Gold badge at the holiday programme when I was a child.

Rangitoto College 1st 11.

I use to play half a game for the 2nd 11 in the morning, then play a full game for the 1st 11 in the afternoon.

East Coast Bays First Team.

Takapuna First Team.

North Shore United reserve team.

Forrest Hill First Team, I was offered $50 a game but turned it down, around 1995.

Glenfield Rovers First Team.
( I ran a holiday football Camp in the holidays for the children, the children paid or their parents paid, I paid the coaches, gave money to the Club and kept some money for myself ).

Trained in Germany with some professionals, the likes of Freddie Bobic and Sean Dundee, under Jurgen Schwabs Agency.

I was offered a paid Fusbal Coaching job in Stuttgart

I was offered a football related job in Denmark.

I trialled with Lincoln City(pro team) and Barnet Football Club(pro team) in England.

My footballing highlight was scoring a goal from over half way in Tooting (London), with my right foot.

I was trained up to be a football coach for Wynrs with 16 hours of observations, watching coaches coach at Wynrs football sessions. Wynton Rufer also offered me a Wynrs coaching job.


I come back to little nz and trial with two clubs.

Central United.

I score in both pre-season games, from right fullback dah! I made my way up the field from right full back, both goals were not even from corners. I win the West Auckland forest pre-season run and the run from Central Club rooms to Western Springs and back.


I come on in the second half and score a goal with my head.

Both clubs did not sign me.

The Coach did not even have the balls to put me on the field at Mount Smart for Central V Kingz reserves.