🔺My Football CV🔺, 🔺R18/Mental Health/Education NZ, both adult & children 🔺& 🔺My Job CV🔺


At my best in London between 1997 & 2002, after work Monday to Thursday, I was running to the Gym, doing weights & then swimming.

At my extreme best I was playing indoor Football on a Friday night, indoor on a Saturday morning, 11 a side Saturday afternoon and 11 a side on a Sunday.

I came back to Auckland in 2002 to make three Amends through a Fellowship.

⚽It’s overwhelmingly disappointing⚽ to train under an Agent with other players under his Agency in Stuttgart, having been Scouted in Kent England and sent to Germany. To then get a connection through playing against Railway and Bike, an Arsenal Sunday League team, in Kent, with a feeling that playing well all season and beating them apparently in front of Liam Brady’s Father in the Cup Final. As too did a few player’s come to be Professionals from been Scouted to Pro Clubs from Sunday League Football.

Seemingly I must have been good enough for the Gunners having been sent all the way to Stuttgart too.

The game was filmed and put onto video tape.

I even played a game on a Saturday at Arsenals training ground.

To work for the Arsenal Study Support Centre Information Communication Technology Centre. For students.

To take the students for a tour of Highbury.

To take a group of the students to the Highbury ground underneath stand complex. To meet a few Arsenal Players.

I came to Auckland in 2002 trialled with Two football clubs and scored in all three games. Two goals from right fullback and one with a header.

I won the West Auckland Forrest run.

I went for a 13km run.

A few days later.


My Uncle fills out a form for the Community Crisis Team. Mark is delusional about some perceived Business idea and has become paranoid in his attitude. An 8A form. He hadn’t seen me or heard from me in over 5 years.

Treatment in NZ.

You can refuse any type of medical or mental health treatment, including medications; unless the situation is an emergency.

🔺⚽ 2002. I go Volunteerily to the Mental Health Unit. The Kiwi Professor says, you’re just a dry drunk (correct with good Sobriety up). If you’re an Alcoholic, alot of my Kiwi friends are too. Within two weeks diagnosed Schizophrenic. Within a Month of the Nursing Assistant Job! ⚽❓

Early days back in little NZ, I was paying off my English Visa card, my Dr said I’ll write a letter to the bank to say that you’re Schizophrenic and won’t be able to pay off the debt. Schizophrenic lol, NOT!!! Dr Trudy Warin.

A Kiwi

🔺Lol !!!🔺

Watch “Meet Tony Adams’ best friend” on YouTube.

Having been through all of the below.


A brief description of what I’ve been through in the last, nearly 46 years.

Listen to the YouTube video and follow the text below.


The man/monitor for the day in Corrections was correct, every New Zealander has a Mental Health problem. Me, just a good Alcoholic.

Having warts all over both my hands as a child.

Sexually abused by three different males.

I witnessed a lady on a stretcher having had a heart attack, near the ambulance. I later heard that she died. She was in a triathlon at the time. Me aged 12.

Dad’s cancer. when I was in my lastish few years at College. Very upsetting.

My Alcoholic demon. A rumor started by a female. Me 20ish. My mate Nivsta comes in Takapuna pools to tell me. The rumor completely wrong. Nivsta says, of course it’s not true bro!. She fanced me & I didn’t fancy her. At the time I had a drinking problem and dads cancer. I was struggling with life.

Not once have the Fellowship asked about or understood my Demon. ( 22 years ). Nor NZ Mental Health. ( 20 years ).

Step One-Tradition 3.

Step One-Tradition Three is, as stated in the 12&12:

“The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.”

.. For A.A. is really saying to every serious drinker, ‘You are an A.A. member if you say so. You can declare yourself in; nobody can keep you out.

Our inner demons are the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we feel cause us the most pain, that we feel haunted, consumed and tortured by. … We feel controlled by them, overpowered by them, and compulsively led by them. Our instinct is to want to silence our inner demons. Alcohol.

I was going back to Takapuna with mates in a car to collect my wallet that I’d left at the swimming pools after my shift. We all witnessed a car crashing into a motorbike. The car went straight through the intersection without stopping. I ran over to the two men near their motorbike. They we’re both unconscious and not responding. I was about 20.

Mum & Dad’s break-up. Me 23, still painful.

I was on call as a part-time Nursing Assistant. I get a call at 11pm. Mark we have a special job for you. I spent a night in an adjacent room, a couch pillow. No blankets. Woken up a few times to hold a man on his side, while the lady washed him before putting on a new nappy. He had no arms or legs. The lady woke me up around 8am to say you can go now. To a gutter sucker truck at the door step. Me aged 26. 2002.

My previous Psychiatrist said in 2019, when are you going to kill yourself.

I asked for a new one as the previous man was getting on my conscience and nerve. Just when you expect or want things to get better, or an improvement etc, well I’ve met my new one a Kiwi lady. I’ve met her twice now. In both meetings she says, do you ever feel like giving up? Lol!!! Once again power tripper’s and Psychiatry, NOT, councilng or very good support/psychology. After 19 years, would you like some support? ( In NZ!! ? ). So I’m on the waiting list for a Psychologist. Three months wait I ask? No longer.

A Kiwi Primary School.

“This means the children are outside doing something physical whilst also having to engage their brains.“

“Playing the Nivsta Boards

 are a great form of meditation.” 

My game hasn’t been a success in NZ.  

As Mr Norfolk said when I was a kid, to the group of us, you all run around like headless chickens. Soccer.

I walk into a Pub in Taka. This Kiwi male loser comes up to me. Like within 30 seconds, it’s ok if you’re Schizophrenic. Lol. He then goes onto say, you’ve got sign writing on your car lol, the Kiwi, yes loser my Businesses Slogan.

Living in NZ.

It’s hard as per above, with all this trauma, living in this Island.

It’s so funny what Mental Health says to my family. Partially a brainwash.

Enough TRAUMA.

Does Mental Health know much of my trauma. After 19 years very little. Have they got to know me, the human, or has it all been about Mental Health diagnosises & medication. Yes!!!


What does section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 say?Section 14 of the Bill of Rights Act affirms the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.


A Note on Treatment

All treatments for PTSD should be done by a mental health professional who has been trained to deliver the treatment and undergone supervision of cases before doing it on their own. Everyone is different.

Traumatic Symptoms usually start within 3 months of a trauma. But they might not show up until years afterward. They last for at least a month. Without treatment, you can have PTSD for years or even the rest of your life.

Holistic approach.

A holistic approach means to provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. The support should also consider their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. … A holistic approach focusses on a person’s wellness and not just their illness or condition.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious mental condition that some people develop after a shocking, terrifying, or dangerous event. These events are called traumas. After a trauma, it’s common to struggle with fear, anxiety, and sadness. You may have upsetting memories. 

If you have PTSD, you may experience very strong feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, or shame, to name only a few. When you feel several of these PTSD emotions in quick succession, it can be very hard to know what you’re feeling at any given moment. 

Coping and support

If stress and other problems caused by a traumatic event affect your life, see your doctor or mental health professional. You can also take these actions as you continue with treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Follow your treatment plan. Although it may take a while to feel benefits from therapy or medications, treatment can be effective, and most people do recover. Remind yourself that it takes time. Following your treatment plan and routinely communicating with your mental health professional will help move you forward.

Learn about PTSD. This knowledge can help you understand what you’re feeling, and then you can develop coping strategies to help you respond effectively.

Take care of yourself. Get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, exercise and take time to relax. Try to reduce or avoid caffeine and nicotine, which can worsen anxiety.

Don’t self-medicate. Turning to alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings isn’t healthy, even though it may be a tempting way to cope. It can lead to more problems down the road, interfere with effective treatments and prevent real healing.

Quote MD, Mental Health medications may also make things worse. Numbness & the need of a more Psycological/Holistic approach. Councling.

Break the cycle. When you feel anxious, take a brisk walk or jump into a hobby to re-focus.

Stay connected. Spend time with supportive and caring people — family, friends, faith leaders or others. You don’t have to talk about what happened if you don’t want to. Just sharing time with loved ones can offer healing and comfort.

Consider a support group. Ask your mental health professional for help finding a support group. Or look for local support groups in an online directory.

What does section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 say?Section 14 of the Bill of Rights Act affirms the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

The below, after having been in Europe for 5 Years. In Europe looking after myself and been independent the whole time!.

Under the care? Of Mental Health NZ. A Keyworker says, your old Keyworker put you in that so called Recovery house. After nearly 16 Months, more like an Institution! With people that have serious Mental Health problems. They will never recover. Not the best place for me for a Recovery when I don’t even have a Mental Health problem! A new road was built & a new footpath. Noise. Then diggers leveling out land for apartments. Noise. Now drilling, cranes, hammering & more diggers. Noise. I’ve only had around a Month of quietness since I moved in. 16 Months of disturbance. The so called Staff, 70% of them are young enough to be my children. They want me to prove that I can look after myself lol. I’m a humble person. They probably think I’m slow. Lol.

After a memory of time in the old Takapuna Mental Health Unit, where I was given $10 to go to a supermarket to firstly prove that I can budget, secondly that I can buy food to cook a lunch, to thirdly to then back at the Mental Health Unit to cook meat, avocado and tomato to prove I can cook. Haha, he talked to someone else working at the Unit about how I said in Countdown, 🔺oh they’re pretty hot! ( Ladies ). 🔺He 🔺then told me that what I said was inappropriate, Lol. They the ladies wouldn’t have heard me.

I still haven’t decided what Country I’ll move to, ( to be Independent lol ), to where I get Human Rights and Respect. I don’t feel very welcome in little NZ.



Mental health promotion includes services that operate on a population level which aim to raise awareness of mental health issues, improve mental health literacy, reduce stigma and discrimination and maximise the population’s mental health and well-being.

In the last 19 years from been an athlete to now, barely able to run 200 metres. With very little peace of mind, with around 10 changed diagnosiss in this time frame from as previously mentioned a 13km run etc. My diagnosiss have all been wrong. Been on Mental Health medication can and have altered my state of mind.

I am now on 300mg’s of an antisycotic, mood stabilizer, injected into me once a fortnight. Compulsory. Antidepressants in the morning a compulsory Benzo, Lorazepam once a day and afternoon, evening meds more mood stabilizers Sodium valproate, compulsory.

Peace of mind? Also waking up feeling like crap.

Holistic approach.

A holistic approach means to provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. The support should also consider their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. … A holistic approach focusses on a person’s wellness and not just their illness or condition.

19 years of pain.

When a mental disorder is misdiagnosed or the individual’s disorder is not recognized, their Alcoholic condition is likely to worsen. Most medications require a certain length of time to take effect. A patient who has been misdiagnosed may be waiting to see improvements while, in reality, their condition is actually getting worse. This can be extremely distressing for the person and their loved ones

🔺The Professor was correct, I was diagnosed as a dry drunk. 2002.🔺

Alcohol–induced psychiatric disorders may initially be indistinguishable from the independent psychiatric disorders they mimic. However, what differentiates these two groups of disorders is that alcohol–induced disorders typically improve on their own within several weeks of abstinence without requiring therapies beyond supportive care. Thus, the course and prognosis of alcohol–induced psychiatric disorders are different from those of the independent major psychiatric disorders.

An analysis of 11 studies examining physical morbidity and mortality in patients receiving antipsychotics showed a shorter life expectancy in the patients compared to others by 14.5 years.

Lately, however, some studies have suggested that antipsychotics may do more harm than good, especially in the long-term. Some researchers have raised concerns over the toxic effects of these medications, suggesting that patients may only benefit from the medication in the short-term

🔺There’s nothing even wrong with my head. 19 years of pain & no peace of mind. From coming back home to Auckland in 2002 to make three Amends through a Fellowship. Trialing with Two football clubs and scored in all three games. Two goals from right fullback and one with a header. A 13km run, 2002, til now 2021, barely able to run 200 metres. A Volunteer at the Mental Health Unit, a dry drunk after my 13km run days before.🔺

I had not one sign of pychosis or hearing voices, just a bit dry, mind dulled by the longest run in my life and good Sobriety up.

You can refuse any type of medical or mental health treatment, including medications; unless the situation is an Emergency.

Calm, cool and collected I was. Until I got the wrong diagnosis. I was very young and vulnerable.

All of most of my Sins have been manufactured by Mental Health.

Meds, different diagnosiss etc and not been able to play football or finish my Career properly.

All I can really say in the last 19 years, is that a good mind has developed a fantastic website and a near to reality big Business.

🔺Mental Health just destroy good life’s.🔺

✅Mental Health NZ is a disgrace!!!☑️

Some people are just far too good for the Country they were born in.

My Football CV.


I use to train before school with Kevin Fallon, Sean Fallon and Rory Fallon.

I received my Bronze, Silver and Gold awards from the old New Zealand Soccer days when I was a youth.

North Shore City Rep three years in a row.

I was selected for the Skills of excellence training squad, as a teenager.

I use to play half a game for Rangitoto College 2nd 11 then the same day play a full game for the 1st 11.

Auckland Under 19’s, played a game at Mount Smart.

My first car.

I was offered $50 a game for Forrest Hill Milford Soccer Club in my late teens.

VfB Stuttgart in Germany.

I played for Hampton and Richmond in London.

I trialled with Barnet, Sutton and Lincoln City in England.


Me in the middle against Arsenal Sunday League team.

My Job CV.

Auckland Star Newspaper delivery boy.

Rangitoto College Tuck shop worker.

Palmers Garden Centre worker.

Supermarket checkout operator.

My first car.

Indoor Lifeguard.

Aqua-robics Instructor.

Swimming Instructor.

Teacher NZ. Relief Teacher NZ. Supply Teacher England. Teacher England.

7 Ways to Promote Mental Health Awareness in Schools.

Getting ahead of mental health disorders and offering support to those who need it helps at-risk students before their mental health issues become more serious. The good news? There are a multitude of ways to do just that.

While there are technological tools such as web filtering.

Why mental health awareness in schools is important.

Identifying the signs that something is wrong.

There are many signs and circumstances that may identify a student suffering from mental health issues. Small changes in behavior (such as being withdrawn or outraged after texting or using the internet) can be an indication of a much bigger problem (bullying). It’s important that we all become aware of the signs associated with mental illness, so we can provide support for those that need it. The earlier an issue is picked up, the better it is for the student.

What can I do to increase awareness?

It is essential that teachers provide students with the opportunities, resources, and support they need. Here are seven ways you can promote mental health awareness in your school:

  1. Promote positive self-esteem. Provide students with the tools and skills necessary to resolve conflict and the inevitable setbacks they’ll face. Boost their self-confidence by supporting good decision making, assertiveness, perseverance, and self-determination.
  2. Encourage students to eat healthy and provide healthy eating options.
  3. Provide outlets to relieve anxiety and stress. Physical activity, meditation and the arts are super for self-expression, growth, and work wonders on a student’s overall mental health and ability to handle stress.
  4. Promote school policies that support mental health such as bullying prevention.
  5. Display relevant material to students and families, such as the materials found on the websites.
  6. Have an open-door policy – communicate to your students that you are available to listen to their concerns and issues. Communicate openly, honestly and often. Notice the little conversational openers students may offer up and ask non-judgmental questions. Be sure to pause and listen to what they have to say.
  7. Provide places where students can relax, such as quiet areas and lounge chairs.

Mental health disorders in students is a complex issue that requires a coordinated effort and multilevel approach from parents, schools, health care organizations, digital media outlets, and community outreach. Early detection and intervention are crucial factors in the goal towards reaching at-risk students before conditions manifest into more serious issues.

As an Educationalist I would love to see NZ Youth been given the chance to have half a day each week to play, paint, write, chemistry, Information Technology, music, singer, photographer, journalism, a camera man or lady, weather reporter, acting, builder, religion, Teacher or whatever they like the most or believe they’re good at or their Teacher has seen potential or the ability to grow their talent/skills etc. Something that you enjoy. With outside support from experts in the Primary, Intermediate & College Educations, where the child, individually or with others does study or plays their chosen sport etc.

To even been taken out of School to a special classroom, building, sports field, institute or stadium. Like where the Adults play their Professional games etc.

Government funded.

Through hopefully their whole Education, from Primary through to College.

The child/youth may wish to change their chosen interest/sport during their opportunities and schooling career.

A chance to make new friends from other areas, Schools and travel to compete at their chosen expertise.

Some individuals.


Realizing that you have room to grow.

  1. Realizing how much you don’t know.
  2. Listening more and talking less.
  3. Being aware and considerate of others as opposed to being self-absorbed, self-centered, and inconsiderate.
  4. Not taking everything personally, getting easily offended, or feeling the need to defend, prove, or make excuses for yourself.

Assistant and one on one at School holidays (Special) Abilities needs playground Progammes.

Nursing Auxiliary.

My best Job @this link. Arsenal Study Support Centre.
http://www.nivstaboards.com/my-best-job-tap- image/

Primary School Sports Assistant NZ.

Volunteer Auckland City Mission.

Volunteer Salvation Army Food box deliverer.


How to chalk the four sets of Rules and play the four sets of Rules.

Alphabet-word Rules & Number Rules games.

Line-Basic Rules.



🔺Yeah I’m a real Invalid Auckland! Thanks alot.🔺

If I can’t get a Job as a Kitchen hand with all this experience, maybe the Invalid Benefit lifestyle suits me.

CV Mark Dalzell

I am a compassionate and friendly person who enjoys working in a position where I can help others. I am diligent, caring, and eager to learn, show initiative, good at following instructions and able to work well in a team.


Auckland City Mission Volunteer
Serving meals
Cleaning dining area

Salvation Army Volunteer
Delivering food parcels to individuals and families

Nursing Auxiliary in residential home, London
Meal preparation
Dressing and bathing patients
Daily hygiene assistance
Bed making and laundry
Taking patients for walks


1996 | Diploma of Teaching | Auckland College of Education


Patient and empathetic with a good bedside manner
Experience working in a physically and emotionally demanding job
Experience working with patients, some of whom have limited ability in communication through illness, disability, or age
Experience following sanitary and health-related protocols

021 047 1581


Application: Part Time Kitchen hand role

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for the position of Part Time Kitchen hand.

Having worked in a kitchen environment I feel prepared to be your new kitchen hand. I have experience in many aspects of the job including serving meals, cleaning dining and kitchen areas, washing dishes etc, as well as experience working with the elderly. My sense of humour, kindness and compassion make me the perfect fit for the role.

I am aware of workplace safety and patient privacy and will quickly adapt to company policy.

I am available to work any day of the week on any shift.

Thank you for considering me for the position and I hope to speak with you at greater length soon.

Kind regards
Mark Dalzell
021 047 1581



1.pronounce (something) clearly and distinctly.”he articulated each word with precision”



1.person’s ( inherent. ( LAW ) vested in (someone) as a right or privilege ). Qualities of mind and character.

2.the way in which something is placed or arranged.

3.the power to deal with something as one pleases.