My Football CV & Job CV.

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False impression

noun. A failure to understand correctly: misapprehension, misconception, misinterpretation, misunderstanding.



Yes WINZ and Mental Health, I’m an Invalid.


I use to train before school with Kevin Fallon, Sean Fallon and Rory Fallon.

I received my Bronze, Silver and Gold awards from the old New Zealand Soccer days when I was a youth.

North Shore City Rep three years in a row.

I was selected for the Skills of excellence training squad, as a teenager.

Auckland Under 19’s, played a game at Mount Smart.

I was offered $50 a game for Forrest Hill Milford Soccer Club in my late teens.

I trialled with VfB Stuttgart in Germany.

I played for Hampton and Richmond in London.

I trialled with Barnet, Sutton and Lincoln City in England.


Auckland Star Newspaper delivery boy

Rangitoto College Tuck shop worker

Palmers Garden Centre worker

Supermarket checkout operator

Indoor Lifeguard

Aqua-robics Instructor

Swimming Instructor


Assistant and one on one at School holidays (Special) Abilities needs playground Progammes.

Nursing Auxiliary

My best Job @this link. image/

Tap Reference image at this link, for my Study Centre Job that I did.

Volunteer Auckland City Mission

Volunteer Salvation Army Food box deliverer

Volunteer Hospice Shop





1.pronounce (something) clearly and distinctly.”he articulated each word with precision”