My equals 3 Peace Equation! New World! Changes Please!

Life for most of us. Up’s, downs, sideways and sometimes long highs. Life’s a game, some of us win, some of us lose. Win Mark!












12 = IRA NZ from 34!

Mark born.


At 7.30 am.

My Demon is that i’m gay, why?, because of a rumour when I was 18ish started by an English female. I’m not gay.

I became addicted to Alcohol aged 19.

Because of dads cancer, the untrue rumour, I met a Soulmate at Teacher’s College when I was a virgin, we kissed, she told me a while later that she was already in a relationship with someone else, she never came back to me. Just because it feels like she is a Soulmate to me, I am not necessarily her Soulmate. Also whilst studying to be a Primary-Intermediate School Teacher I saw how the NZ Education system had failed me through my Schooling years. I wish that I could have been given the chance to have played more Soccer during school time.

I have smoked Cannabis before, not really since 1996.

In London I did two Ecstasy tablets over one night at a Nightclub. Around 2001. The first tablet was given to me around 10pm, the second one around 3am.

Also half of an Ecstasy tablet one night, also in London at my flat with a Kiwi mate. He gave it to me, he had the other half. Around 2001.

I had one line of Cocaine in London around 2001.



2018 below.

An Education from the Master.

Num-BARS game. ( for Pre-schoolers ).

Infant one  spins the number wheel and sits on that number on the Num-BAR mat. Next infant spins the number wheel and sits on that number on the Num-BAR mat, if they spin the same number as the first infant’s number he or she spins again until he or she gets a different number to sit on. Continue on with this process. Obviously the more numbers that are spun and sat on the harder it is for the infants when it is there turn, as numbers are already taken and sat on. This is where it becomes fun. Infants keep spinning the wheel until there are 12 of you infants sitting on the Num-BAR mat.


Copyright © MARK DALZELL 28.03.2018

Educate for Alcohol Education in High School’s, get the 17 year olds to spin around in circles 33 times and tell them this is how it feels to be drunk. Note tell them that after the high comes a low, what’s called a hangover and possible alcohol addiction over a period of time. If you do drink alcohol, the following morning when you wake up phone a friend and chat, contact is important. This will stop you from thinking when you wake up, what did I do last night, what did I say and importantly just share with your friend what’s on your mind on the phone there and then. Then get busy, busy water plenty of it, coffee if you like coffee, go for a walk and read something, then eat. As Mark D sees it, natural exercise such as running, walking and swimming are far better options before going to a party or event.

For therapy and letting things, people, places, events, sins and resentments go, write it all down on a piece(s) of cardboard, then read it all out in your head/mind, then read it out aloud, then scream it out aloud, maybe even record it, replay it to yourself, then delete it, read it to your best friend, then scribble over it all, then tear it all up into as many small pieces as possible with your fingers and finally burn it, then finish it off with plenty of water.

Maybe even meditate in this position to let blood flow to your head, clear your mind and strengthen your mind naturally.


My first car. 22.03.1994.


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