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So I go to the Mental (Mental) Health Unit Taharoto Voluntary in 2003. Told that I was just a dry drunk by Professor Jim Wright a Kiwi. I was not at all comfortable in the building as I was well. With unwell people. In a meeting with my mum he goes onto say Mark if you are an alcoholic a lot of my Kiwi friends are too. Within days having been for a 13 km run days before I get put on oral resperidone and lithium. I lose it due to my thought process from the meds and the unhealthy environment, within days told that I am Scizophrenic. Thanks to a fellowship that I have been a part of for 18 years I have learnt about the committee in the head, as being an Alcoholic. My uncle is the one that pretty much ugly, got me into the Unit. All because I had burnt myself out from a 13km run, also due to having been dry for over two years and all my mind needed was a meeting or PRN meds. My diagnosis has been changed several times over the years. My Pro football career was ruined due to New Zealanders. To note my uncle filled out an 8A form to get Mental Health involved, stating that Mark’s thought process is not straight and that he is obsessed about some perceived Business idea. Haha Business idea, since 1999! I sleep 10-13 hours a night(due to the meds), I have put on weight, double chin, belly etc, I get triggers from the current meds that makes me feel like a drink. My current Dr based at 44 Taharoto Road mentioned earlier in the year that he wants me to be medication free by 2018. The funny thing is I want to help myself and get off the meds, start running again, get a job, stop feeling down with negative thoughts due to the strong meds and mainly feel relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. The joke is NZ, Auckland, there is no Clinic for Mental Health Clients to go when they are coming off their meds. I have most of the answers, do I? yes and when I get the money in the Country I base myself in, I with a Partner will be opening a Clinic for people, of all walks of life that will offer treatment for people coming off their meds. Most Countries do not have an Act. As New Zealand does have a Mental Health Treatment Compulsory ACT.


So WINZ are putting pressure on me to get work. I am on meds against my will, I have put on weight, I sleep 10-13 hours each night and the medication confuses my thinking pattern. Not how I want it or how it should be. Also off meds I could, would be capable of a lot more in life. I told WINZ that I am capable of working two four hour days. Hard to find. I am looking for demolition work(therapy) or cleaning. The last cleaning job I applied for asked do you have experience in cleaning. So I told WINZ that I wanted eight hours work on the minimum hourly rate. She calculated it with secondary tax and with my eight hours work I would be only $47 better off. With two days at four hours a day with bus fares I would be only $27 better off. All for eight hours work.

So the Big Book. I email New York, no Mark we are not interested in your story for the a new addition re. Nivsta Boards your story etc. There loss, my book, story will be out there one day.















From this (great), click on image 2002.












2003. To note, this Uncle had not seen me in over seven years. He filled out this 8A form for initial contact with Mental Health. Hard to read but the part that hurts the most is where he says, Mark has become obsessed about a perceived Business interest. Yeah, Nivsta Boards, since 1999. Maybe the Crisis team could have asked me about my game and my 13km run that I had run two days before. With the realisation that maybe I was burnt out and just needed temp meds to bring me round.

I am looking forward to one day mixing with upper class people and Celebrities lol.


So on my walk today I was thinking about how I could not get signed by Central United, Pre-season in my only two games I scored one goal in each game from right fullback. I also won the pre-season forest run. I then had one trial pre-season with East Coast Bays AFC and was subbed on in the second half and scored within five minutes with a header from a cross from the sideline.



Professor Jim Wright says Mark if you are an Alcoholic a lot of my Kiwi friends are too. What a laugh. Those that have  been wrongly diagnosed, may end up being medically induced drug addicts.  I use to be able to run 13km’s and at the end no puff. Now I can’t even run 400 metres, because of medication that I am on against my will.
























So I have been thinking what do I have to offer little nz and what does little nz have to offer me lol?



Haha there is slow growth in little nz, pretty much roadworks and houses been built lol. I am coming to the conclusion that some people are just far too good for the Country that they were born in. Regards the Nivsta Board there are 2,500 schools in little nz. There are 400,000 Primary schools in China. I will sell 2,500 Nivsta Boards in one day to Primary schools in China when the times right lol.

God knows when they make and test medications whether they are tested first before they are put on the Market. ie whether the tests are done on rats that have borderline personality disorder, bi-polar, schizophrenia, schizo-effective disorder, anxiety, depression, stress and mood disorder. To take it one step further when they do tests on humans, the big question is do the humans have the illness fitting the medicine. Or are they just clean adults person A and person B been tested for just side effects and withdrawal symptoms etc from the medication. How on earth can these so called experts keep a Human tester on a med for say 6 months or a year ie to take him or her off it to see if they have become reliant or addicted to the medication. You see here these are two factors, addiction and med reliance . How do you counteract addiction heal it and how do you help someone coming clean off meds, ie without counteracting it with, yes you guessed it more medication. For example in my case having been on Lithium daily for approximately 14 years I am susceptible to developing thyroidism. Do they know when to take me off Lithium before I develop thyroidism? If I get it lol guess what, yes I have to take another medication to help my glands. Yes and for the rest of ones life.

A little more about my story. So I come home ? lol ? to little nz off the back of 5 years in London. I was a Supply Teacher and had a few terms here and there. In nz its called relief teaching. So I teach in over 300 schools over a five year period with view to bringing the Nivsta Board to London. It was an instant success.













I use to teach come home relax for a while then run for half an hour to the gym, do weights and then finish off with a solid swim. Friday night indoor footy, Saturday 11 a side game of football and Sunday play a full game in Kent. At one stage I was playing indoor Friday nights, indoor 8am Saturday morning a  game 11 v 11 Saturday afternoon and Sunday 11 v 11 in Kent. I also did some casual Nursing auxiliary work in mainly elderly private homes.

Therapies that I see helping me, others on meds and the average Jo Blogs off meds. Rainbows End, sex, massage, bike riding, horse riding, chess, pick up sticks, cards, swimming, running, walks, stretches, a sleep in, weights, incense, candles, Thermal pools, helplines, texting, phone calls, smoothies, cruising somewhere in a car, pet(s), walking pet(s), cuddling pet(s), patting pet(s), art, knitting, TV, controlled drinking(alcohol), yoga, karate, Judo, shadow boxing, colouring in, clay work, scrabble, table tennis, tennis, darts, bowls, golf, go-carting, painting, beaches, hiking, skate boarding, surfing, flying a kite, all sports, the park, fishing, mowing lawns, planting trees, washing a car, cafes, restaurants, ferry trips, the supermarket, dairies, garage sales, night markets, day markets, the movies, DVD’s, music, meditation, buses, taxis, trains, ironing,puzzles, reading and playing the Nivsta Board.


Arsenal, Tony and I, how it was going to be. I was about 26 fit and ready.

I had a good 10 years in me to play at a high level.  Below two great left footed passes of mine within two minutes, lol i’m right footed.





By now, football had become a distant memory. A number of dashed junior trials had dented Wright’s confidence, hidebound youth coaches unimpressed with his impish quality. He was told and believed that he wasn’t good enough, absolving dreams of a professional career in favour of providing for his two young children. Matches in the Sunday League for St.nPaul’s and Ten-em-bee were merely a distraction, until a few appearances for Greenwich Borough piqued the interest of Crystal Palace scout Peter Prentice.

Me in 1999 playing in Kent. Cup Final, we won V Railway and Bike, Sunday League football. (they had the Gunner’s emblem on their shirts) Me player number 14 in the middle. Apparently Liam Brady’s dad was watching the game.

I am a retired footballer, I am 41 now. Patience for my Nivsta Boards Business to take off. Attitude I have!










The Nivsta Board strengthens children’s minds as it involves concentration and alertness.


-the act of concentrating; the state of being concentrated.
-exclusive attention to one object; close mental application.
-the quality of being alert.
Mark Robert Dalzell has not done recreational drugs since December 1998.
So da when a person comes off oral meds such as anti-psychotics, Lithium etc they can act, seem or get high. In my case high. Da well because I am a machine from working for 5 years with the most challenging children and as per above football etc. So a high for me, so Mark you have Bi-polar Lol, no I don’t look at my history dah! The coming off meds and the machine mind and body get too many endorphins. Dah. Plus my mind had  been so suppressed from the meds, no wonder my mind could not handle it, the release of coming off meds etc. Not once have Mental Health ever asked or looked at the positives of my time in England, Denmark, France, Scotland, Australia, Cyprus, Wales and Germany. nz lol = lol. So of course I did not need meds, maybe half a glass of red wine before all this shit! I refused the oral meds, so Mark we will poison you with an injection! and put you under the Mental (mental) Health Act.

Oh God my Psychiatrist wants me to be meds free by 2018 lol. Oh ok can you place me in a treatment Centre for say 2-3 months please? Sorry Mark there is no where for a person to go who is coming off Mental Health medication. Oh ok.

plural noun: endorphins
  1. any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.

TA is Bill I am Bob. Time for growth and change.

Jesus Christ lol he won’t even put his Promotional Video on to Youtube. Talking about Jesus and him Jesus and football skills. It saved my life in 1996/97 he could save others.




When I was in London in 1998 when I was 22, my girlfriend at the time said I was too big for nz. She was 10 years older than me and was training to be a Psychologist lol.