Grünes Land und engstirnige Menschen!

My Story as of trying to start a life back in little nz off the back of 5 years in London.



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So i’ll start off with the saddest news. sKids and Youthtown said no to the Nivsta Board.

PUBLIC. So I call into the pub in Takapuna for a drink. This guy within a minute goes sign-writing on your car a? Then he says it’s okay if you are Schizophrenic. He does not even know me. So here we go the or some public have been gossiping from others that the guy that drives the Ford with sign-writing NIV IT NOW is Schizo. So wrong but Professor Jim Wright was the one to say this about me. My diagnosis was changed to Bi-polar.

FOOTBALL TEAM(MEMBERS). I have been involved with a team for 8 years on and off and I have not been invited to one function/party. Sad a. Having trained in Germany with pros and trialling with Barnet and Lincoln City I come home and whilst in the Unit they encouraged me to play football with mental, mental health sick patients.

MENTAL HEALTH. Plenty of different Psychiatrists 7 different diagnoses over 14 years. Completely wrong, oh so twisted and pathetic. So I go for a 14km run the longest run of my life, two days later the Mental Health Team come to my mums house. They were worried about me lol. My Uncle who had not seen me in over 7 years fills out an 8A form saying that Mark is delusional about some perceived Business idea and his thinking is all over the place. The truth is I had burnt myself out from the run and was into my third year of sobriety. I made a bad decision and went to the Mental Health Unit Voluntary. Voluntary, obviously not to worried about me! Professor Jim Wright a Kiwi meets me and my mum in the Unit a few days later, he says Mark you are just a dry Drunk. He then said if you are an Alcoholic alot of my Kiwi friends are too. Days later they put me on oral Resperidone (anti-psychotic)and Lithium, why? All I needed for my burnt out brain from my run was a little PRN(part-time meds). Within days Wright says Mark you are scizophrenic. lol. As per above correct dry drunk (only).

Whilst in the Open Ward talking to another patient this gay as Mental Health Worker puts me into ICU because he was jealous of me talking to someone else (a male patient). From my angelistic memory his name was,is Abill.

Keyworker Tahi-Tahi said on his last day as my Keyworker that he did not even believe in medication(s).

My old Keyworker Chris Lewis said one day when I was doing well and healthy that Mark next time you go to the Mental Health Unit it will be for a long time. Don’t threaten me you!

One of the Russian Psychiatrists said she could see an improvement in me lol. Yes on leave I was drinking Vodka, my medicine lol.

Oh talked to my sister today. When in the out unit of the old Mental (mental) Health unit they said Mark we want to see if you can look after yourself? Off the bloody back of 5 years in London living independently dahh! So I go to the supermarket with a Kiwi shemale he says we want to see you buy food and pay for it on your own. So I did, I also said to her wow those girls are hot, while in the supermarket. I then went back to the Unit and made like a toasted sandwich in front of Mental shemale, he ticked the boxes on a piece of paper to say I passed. A few days later they told me off for saying that about the girls in the supermarket. What a bunch of weirdos.

Oh this lesbian nurse, I saw her kiss her girlfriend in their car when she got dropped off to the unit, they kissed on the lips lol. Sad she says to me in the Unit we will either put you on the top shelf Clozapine or Olaynazapine. TOP SHELF ohh whatever ggrrrrrrrrr!

A Nurse, we were talking about her fellow staff member. She goes oh he is a gay nutter. lol. Sick lady.


POLICE. So Cop Kelly Osborne interviews the man who sexually abused me when I was 14. She phoned me and said he denies it. What is sad here is that she went on to say that he was a nice guy and that he had a prominent position in the community.

EDUCATION. I donate a Nivsta Board to a Primary School and I contact them a few times and the teacher sounds keen on a lunch time promo, he loses interest and does not even have the decency to say why not, he just does not reply. Originally he said yes, sure.
Confusing and sad. Plus I donated a Nivsta Board to them. sKids and YouthTown also said no.

CHURCH. City Impact Primary School say no to the Nivsta Board for their City Impact Church School. I try them again about six months later and they say no. There loss a.

JOBS. Little Kickers would not take me on because I was not a student and they only wanted to pay students wages. The Kindergarten asked me in the interview what I would like wage wise, I said the minimum wage, hourly rate etc, they emailed me back and said they could not afford to pay me in relation to my qualifications, what?, they obviously did not listen to me in the interview.
New World Albany, the HR lady interviewed me and we did paperwork. I then get asked in to meet the owner and Manager of the store. He says Mark you have the job, we will get you in in the next few days to show you what part of the store you will be working in. I then get an email to say that I did not get the job. Bullshit(person).

SPONSORSHIP I have been advised to not write down the Companies that have said no to sponsorship for the Nivsta Board but I have decided to do it.
The odd Company may have not replied or I may note them by mistake.
So I write a letter or email to,

Coca-Cola                                                                                                                 McDonald’s
Pita Pit
Charlie’s Orange
Tip Top
One Square Meal
ANZ Bank
ASB Bank
BNZ Bank
Kiwi Bank

Oh and HRV. I suggested that we do this between innings. I don’t think they sponsor the cricket any more.

1) Each child if they want to has three throws at the board, the throw which they must catch and is furthermost away from the board is marked on the ground with chalk.

Once every child has had a turn we find our winner whom has the longest throw and catch, the child gets a certificate and a sponsors product.

2) Each child throws and catches the ball as many times as they can in thirty seconds, the winner being the child with the most throws and catches, he or she gets a certificate and a sponsors product.




Yes no Mark we cannot sponsor, fund or give you a Grant for your game.
Nivsta Boards.
Nivsta Boards(youtube)
Niv It Now                                                                                     

THANKS New Zealand good stuff.
The only reason I came home from London was to see my family.
Also because I received a text saying that they(the texter) had seen me on the streets of London with no teeth. I guess also because of my job in Angel (London). The Nursing Agency said we have a special job for you tonight. I find the private house address, I then 3 times over the night with a sleep over in the spare room get to hold a thelidamide man with no arms and legs while they wipe his bottom. Special Job? Special man, yes!(him).

So here I am NZ. Next stop who knows where a!?

At the end of it all……………………………………….!?

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