Franchise competitions

Franchise competitions to win a certificate, Mr Mini Nivsta and sponsors prize.

1) Each child if they want to has three throws at the board, the throw which they must catch and is furthermost away from the board is marked on the ground with chalk.

Once every child has had a turn we find our winner whom has the longest throw and catch, the child gets a certificate, Mr Mini Nivsta and a sponsors product.

2) Each child throws and catches the ball as many times as they can in thirty seconds, the winner being the child with the most throws and catches, he or she gets a certificate,  Mr Mini Nivsta and a sponsors product.

Mr Nivsta Mascot will one day be giving out Mr Mini Nivsta’s to Competition winners.

Each child will also be given Mr Nivsta the Mascots sticker’s and a Mr Nivsta colouring in to take home.


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