DALZEY’S DRILLS for 10 kids


2018 Mark Dalzell. Dalzey’s copyright ©

One ball each, dribble the length of the field and back.

Two groups of five, in two  circles, one child at a time say your favourite football team then kick your ball and try to hit the cone in the middle of the circle.

In 3’s one person stands with their legs apart in the middle, the other two players with one ball between two pass the ball with the aim of trying to pass the ball between the player in the middles legs. So one child then the middle child, then the 3rd child at the other side of the middle child. Have a few goes then swap around to be the child in the middle.

Juggling skills.

At DALZEY’S Drills we don^t do more than 10 juggles as it, or will take away self-esteem of other children that can^t juggle.

Kick the ball as far as you can.

learn the correct throwing for the throw in and this works with children standing apart, throwing throw ins to one another. Start with throw ins aimed at the feet, for your friend to control, throw at the thigh, then chest then head.

Using a rugby tackle bag have goes at tackling the bag, tackling it with your boot,leg.
Use right leg and left leg.

12 cones one metre apart curved cones dribbling course.
Children at each end, not a competition.
A dribbler at each end starts the course the the same time, the fun part is they will have to dribble with their eyes up, as they will, the dribblers have to dribble past each other on the course.

Boys and Girls in two circles, chip the ball into a hoop that is lying flat on the field. Or just pass the Football and aim it to roll into the flat hoop on the ground.

Opposite one another say 12 metres apart say go then kick your balls, the aim is to kick and hit one anothers ball mid way, or wherever.

Finish with a game, with Mark playing too, but he’s on the side that has possession of the football. We don’t count the goals, the children know if they scored. At DALZEY’S Drills after a game we have a shoot out, shoot in to an empty goal.

Hey kids, what are your thoughts on after goal celebrations. Also jumping on the back of a goal scorer, surely takes quite a bit of energy from a Pro’s legs.

At the end of all drills and the game as a group we all sit down and share what we enjoyed the most and what we want to improve on next time.