New-Coloured ball bucket activity

Activity One.

The child takes a coloured tennis ball from a bucket then throws and catches a rebound, he/she then places it back in the coloured bucket. The activity continues until the child has thrown and caught from all coloured balls in the buckets.

Activity two.

Mix the coloured tennis balls up in the wrong matching bucket. Now the children have to throw and catch the coloured tennis ball and then place it back in the correct coloured bucket.

You may wish to have a competition to see who can do it the fastest, with the throws one metre away from the Board, timing the child. Hey of course another child can time you.

Activity three.

Choose a Coloured tennis ball, eg. red, next throw and catch the rebound once for r, once for e and once for d, this makes red. Continue until you’ve used all coloured tennis balls. Note if you were throwing the yellow coloured tennis ball if you threw and caught y, e and l and you dropped the rebound in l, you then start back at y for yellow again. Also note the tennis balls must be put back into the correct coloured bucket after each go.

Teacher’s here we are using Art and spelling of colours.