Purchase me? Wow,free for Kids.

There has been considerable change in behaviour for many children as a result of the Nivsta Boards. We are used to seeing some games being popular for a short while and then being cast aside for something new but these Boards are being used daily after three months with interest as strong as ever.









How will Nivsta Boards generate money?

1) Van Franchises.

2) Selling the Nivsta Boards.

3) Selling the School Four sets of rules layout, playground spray paint layout templates.

4) Selling the School Four sets of rules, playground roll out mats layout.

5) Selling books Titled, Nivsta Boards Know it all.

6) Seminars.

7) Car or bedroom sticker(s).

8) Mr Nivsta Mascot, Mr Mini Nivsta and Nivsta Boards Logo with CEO’s Mark Dalzell’s signature, Temporary Tattoos.

Free for the Children.

Nivsta Van Programme children participants get, free Mr Nivsta Mascot stickers, Mr Nivsta Mascot colouring in to do, a Mr Mini Nivsta figurine and a Sponsors gift, all to take home.


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