Hi there, Nivsta Boards is ready for the world and it’s children.

I am looking for a Backer or Backers to get the ball rolling.

The Nivsta Board is going to made out of plastic.

My goal is to get it started then donate Boards to numerous Primary Schools all over the world.

Each Nivsta Board will have the writings NIVSTA BOARD, and my logo on them,



plus sponsor(s) writings too. The tennis balls will have NIV IT NOW on them. When you buy a NIVSTA BOARD it will come with two NIV IT NOW tennis balls,



the rules, the playground rules layout,

Nivsta Boards Rules and playground Rules Layout

the school programme,

School Programme

the 29 Options,

Nivsta Boards 29 Options

and all other 12 activities @

Do you want to help? Please contact me on the Contacts page at this website.

Sponsorship will work, but it must be Healthy and that as per Sponsorship you have a product/food or drink that is good for children please. That it can be given to all Nivsta Van Programme child participants. Please refer to the below.


Then I can come off the New Zealand Invalid’s Benefit!


Purchase me? Wow,free for Kids.

City Impact Church School said no to my game on two separate occasions when I approached them.

The Salvation Army Kids Church Club Leaders showed no interest and very little to no enthusiasm when I approached them.

The  East Coast Bays Community Project said no.

Home  Said yes then no to a demo when I approached them.




   Said yes then no when I approached them.

Kind regards,

CEO Mark of Nivsta Boards.


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