Hi there, Nivsta Boards is ready for AU and the world and it’s children.

I am looking for a Backer or Backers to get the ball rolling.

The Nivsta Board is going to made out of plastic.

My goal is to get it started then donate Boards to numerous Primary Schools all over the world.

Each Nivsta Board will have the writings NIVSTA BOARD, and my logo on them,



plus sponsor(s) writings too. The tennis balls will have NIV IT NOW on them. When you buy a NIVSTA BOARD it will come with two NIV IT NOW tennis balls, chalk, the rules, the school programme, the 30 options and all other activities.

Do you want to help? Please contact me on the Contacts page at this website. Note I will not be accepting any NZ born Kiwi backer(s).

Kind regards,

Mark of Nivsta Boards.