The Nivsta Boards are in four different Countries.

England, New Zealand, United states of America and Australia.


Carry it cooperatively

A rebound ball and Board game.

There are alot of Schools in the World. Also selling Franchises too.

Franchise Competitions winners, get a Sponsor’s prize.

You may be thinking your playground is too small for fifteen Nivsta Boards, Nivsta Boards offers thirty, $1,500, twenty $1,000 and ten $500, groups of children per Van Franchise time.

The Nivsta Boards promotes Skills & Values.

Such as,

Line/Basic Rules: honesty with what line you are on, memory, concentration, communication, throwing and catching skills,  hand eye co-ordination, reaction times, decision making, vision, strategies and co-operation.

Number Rules: throwing and catching skills, honesty with what number you are on,memory, hand eye co-ordination, communication, concentration, addition and subtraction work, decision making, reaction times, vision, strategies and co-operation.

Alphabet/Word Rules: throwing and catching skills, honesty what letter you are on, memory, hand eye co-ordination, alphabet familiarization, word work, communication, concentration, decision making, reaction times, vision, strategies and co-operation.

Colour Rules: throwing and catching, hand eye co-ordination, communication, concentration, decision making, co-operation, reaction times, vision, strategies  and  with Colour Rules 2 you have to play with honesty and use your memory as to what colour you have already thrown and caught from.

How cool, every child that participates in a 30 children Van Franchise Programme gets a Nivsta scratchie. If he or she scratches a Mr Nivsta Mascot, he or she wins a free Nivsta Board. One in thirty, winner. 


Reference Quotes.

“There has been considerable change in behaviour for many children as a result of the Nivsta Boards. We are use to seeing some games being popular for a short while and then becoming cast aside for something new but these boards are being used daily after three months with interest as strong as ever.”

London, England, Mrs D L Campbell, Head Teacher.

“This means the children are outside doing something physical whilst also having to engage their brains.

Auckland, New Zealand, Liz Brotherton, Sports Co-Ordinator.

“It could be included as part of any Mainstream or Special School PE lesson.”

New-Coloured ball bucket activity

England, Kevin Dew, Sailsbury District, Behaviour Support Service.

“……at this School the Nivsta Boards have added to the quality of play, and the ease of supervision  during playtimes.”

London, Brixton, England, Paul Shepheard, Head Teacher.

Also 17 Activities and 34 Options.

Nivsta Boards playground rules layout.

Four sets of Rules.

Nivsta Boards Rules and playground Rules Layout

Number Rules, Alphabet/word Rules, Line/basic Rules and Colour Rules.

Nivsta Boards are $70.

Mr D, Retired Diploma of Teaching, School Teacher.

Me against Arsenal Sunday League team.

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