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While I waZ living in MorDEn, my German Girlfriend said Mark you are too big for NeW Zealand. She was 10 years older than me and was studying Psychology. I waZ 22.

I’mZ straightZ not a Kiwi.

God willing and I dream that the Children’s Nivsta Boards will be made of plastic from the Ocean and plastic waste, melted and moulded into Nivsta Boards.

  A NIV IT is when you throw and catch the rebound of the NIV IT

NOW tennis ball off the NIVSTA BOARD.

The Slogan for Nivsta Boards is NIV IT NOW. Do some NIV’s.

The game can be played by yourself or with a friend. Game rules vary and the main objective being to throw and catch the rebound without dropping the tennis ball.

Note the four sets of Rules can be played with one NIV IT NOW tennis ball between two players or with one NIV IT NOW tennis ball each.

Mark Dalzell, Mr D

Ya Professor Jim Wright a Kiwi, i’m really Schizophrenic ! NOT !

Plus new Big Book Story New York, Ok, Nah, I tried !

Mr D

Easy for children to carryThe game helps release pent up tension and energy for the children as it involves elements of Aussie RuleZ!

Buy a Van School Programme Franchise. 

Apply the school programme in your school.








Mr Mini Nivsta, to be given out to children that win a Nivsta Competition. One day when I can afford it, every Van Nivsta Programme participant child, will be given a Mr Mini Nivsta figurine.

Coming soon Children, a YouTube video of children playing the Nivsta Boards in their school playground, the filming will be awesome, as it will be a view from above them in the playground, filmed from a Helicopter.


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